Intermediate Jeep Run - Saturday, October 14th

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    Intermediate Jeep Run - Saturday, October 14th

    Trail - White Mountain

    Meeting Place - 39188 Rim of the World Drive, Fawnskin, CA 92333

    Meeting Time - 9:00 AM

    1 - Rob Spencer
    2 - Gordon Riley
    3 - Fred Pedragon
    4 - Bob Phillips
    5 - Tom Barile
    6 - Chris Carabajal
    7 - LJ Penners
    8 - Tom Lauterjung
    9 - Kasey Blackford Spencer
    10 - Jimmy Pennella
    11 -
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    Please put me on the list!! OC Motorsports is hosting another great off-road adventure for their Trail Team. I definitely don't want to miss it.
    White Mountain 3N17 is a fun trail with lots of great obsticles such as Suicide Hill, Frustration, Cal three wheel. Most will have by-passes for the faint hearted but some do not. There is also an archaeological site that we will visit and windy point will blow you away. If we have time we'll visit a turquoise mine that not too many people know about and yes we will see turquoise.
    During this run we will spend some time discussing driving on steep grades and trail etiquette. Please understand this trail has a Forest Service rating of "Most Difficult". I recommend only modified Jeeps attend. If you're not sure if your Jeep has the proper modifications please call the OC Motorsports shop or even better take your Jeep to the OC Motorsport shop and a staff member will be happy to assist you.
    See you all there!

    Please arrive with a full tank of fuel. LAST CHANCE FOR GAS IS...
    32755 CA-18, Running Springs, CA 92382
    (909) 867-2750

    The 9:00 am MEETING LOCATION is...
    San Bernardino County Fire Station 96
    39188 Rim of the World Dr, Fawnskin, CA 92333
    (909) 866-4878
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    Everyone please remember to fuel up before you get to Fawnskin. There are no gas stations in Fawnskin.

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